Why choose Helsel Music?
Your music deserves a professional recording.  Helsel Music studios makes
use of state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high quality audio on CD or DVD.

  • Each recording will not only sound excellent, but you will receive a
    professional-looking CD jacket along with your recording.

  • Do you need a session keyboardist? At no extra cost, Bryan Helsel
    will play keyboards, piano or trumpet in your session.  Bryan has a
    masters degree in piano performance, and you can click here to find
    out more about him.

  • If your session will span many days, there are guest
    accommodations available.

  • When you need a recording break, enjoy pool, darts and ping pong in
    our game room.

  • Enjoy recording in a relaxing country setting instead of in the midst of
    a stressful city. Take a walk through the woods or lie on the hammock
    for some inspiration.