Hire Bryan to play for your special occasion.  He excels whether playing
background music during cocktail hour or on stage performing.

Try to stump the piano player.  Bryan can play any song he has ever heard,
and even some he has never heard.  He will take your requests and delight
your guests, young and old.

Bryan has a great deal of experience playing the service music for a
wedding also.  He will meet with the bride and groom beforehand and help
them planning the music that will make their ceremony special while
simultaneously remaining within the constrictions of the church where the
wedding is held.  He is familiar with the liturgy of most denominations, and
unless you are from Hollywood, it's likely that he has more weddings under
his belt than you do!

To book Bryan, call 724-360-5044

Bryan is the keyboard player along with Todd Karenbauer (drums) and Jeff
Kroner (saxophone), all of whom teach music in the Butler Area School
District.  They will also take your requests and entertain with their own fun
brand of jazz music, whether for your next classy affair or to entertain just for
fun at your next event.  They play jazz standards, modern jazz,  and their own
take on classics such as an impromptu medley of Take 5 segueing into
"Over the Rainbow"... in 5/4 time!

To book the Butler Faculty Jazz Trio, contact Bryan at 724-360-5044

The Butler Brass Quintet has been together since 1998.  Bryan Helsel plays
trumpet along with Andy Erb (trumpet), Ken Sharp (trombone), Bobbi Wotus
(Horn), and Joe Denti (tuba).  The Butler Brass Quintet is a wonderful way to
add something special to your church service, wedding ceremony or
reception, party or other occasion.  It's easier to have a brass quintet
outside because the instruments won't be damaged by the weather.  The
quintet plays Canadian Brass literature, along with arrangements by
trumpeter Andy Erb, and original compositions by Bryan Helsel, as well as
any genre of music from classical to rock and jazz.  Especially great for your
Christmas celebration!

To book the Butler Brass Quintet, contact Bryan at 724-360-5044
*Weddings, parties, other occasions*
Bryan Helsel
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