Preparing for your Session
Despite the fact that Helsel Music studios charges a very reasonable rate for
their superior quality recordings, the following are some tips that will help
you save time in the studio, and therefore, save you money.

  • Be prepared.  If you are on a budget, don't attempt to write songs in
    the studio, but have your music well prepared and extremely well
    rehearsed.  There are a lot of wonderful recording tricks that we can
    do to fix any mistakes you might make in the studio, but it's always
    easier and quicker if you are well rehearsed and know how you want
    your music to sound.
  • Be relaxed.  Knowing that we can fix mistakes and transform your
    music into anything you can imagine, don't panic if you do make a
    mistake.  This studio is designed to make you feel relaxed and
    comfortable, but understand that the studio is not a place to feel
    nervous.  Just relax, and enjoy your music.
  • Bring any materials that you might need, and let the engineer know
    what you plan to bring as far as amps, guitars, keyboards.  That will
    help us to set the studio up .
  • If you are bringing your band into the studio, let the drummer know
    that he/she should be at least an hour early to set up and sound
  • Your band will need to decide if you want to all record in the same
    room or if you can handle being separated.  The advantage of being
    isolated is that we can easily fix any mistake made on any instrument
    because there is no bleed through on microphones.  You will of
    course all hear each other in headphones if isolated, but some
    musicians are not comfortable with that and want to play together in
    the same room.  Depending on the style of your music, one method
    or another might be more appropriate.
  • Call ahead to visit the studio and meet with the engineer to help plan
    out your session.
  • Have any materials you might need such as photos, biographies, etc.
    If you are having Helsel Music do your duplication.  If you are using
    another duplication service, you should be in communication with
    them around the time that you start your sessions.
  • Know that anything is possible.  You can sing backup for yourself.  
    You can fix wrong notes.  Bryan can play keyboards/piano/trumpet for
    you.  You can multitrack and play all the instruments yourself.  Keep
    an open mind, and allow Helsel Music studios to bring your music to