Teachers and Conductors:
Having a professionally recorded CD of your ensemble is not only great PR for your program,
but it can also be a great way to raise funds for your upcoming trip or to purchase those
instruments or music that you need. Here's how it works:

1.) We'll come to your performance space and record either your live concert or a well-prepared
rehearsal.  During a rehearsal session, mistakes can be fixed and their is no audience noise,
but the energy of a live concert is also nice to have on the recording.  Some conductors hire us
for both a rehearsal and a concert and they choose the best takes from each.

2.)  Helsel Music will mix the material down and deliver you a custom CD that sounds amazing
(sometimes we can even fix mistakes) and looks amazing because of the design of the graphic

So far all this costs your program is the $250 session fee.

3.) You decide how many CDs you would like us to duplicate for you.  The price per CD drops
based on your order, but profit goes as high as 50% for this fundraiser!
Note: our competitors
give you no profit unless you sell 100 CDs.  You will always profit with us no matter
how many you sell.
 Click here to see the breakdown of pricing for CD duplication.

4.)  Since you are distributing music whose copyright you do not own, you will want to obtain the
proper mechanical license to record and distribute.  This means contacting publishers and
paying royalties.  While this is a great deal of paperwork, Helsel Music will do this for you.  The
royalties costs are different depending on the publisher, but they range from $9.00 per song to
$50 per song (based on an order of 100 CDs)

To help your organization pay for the mechanical license as well as the recording fee, you might
want to ask a volunteer from your organization to seek funding from local businesses to sponsor
the CD project.  If you do not have anyone, just ask and
Helsel Music will make phone calls
to local businesses to encourage them to donate to your CD project
.  In return, we will
include their business card or advertisement on the graphic design of the CD.  

As a music educator myself, I'm so glad that I have professionally recorded archives of all the
music my ensembles have performed.  I get to look back and hear how the students have
grown.  They get to listen and critique their own performances, making them better listeners and
better musicians.  Call or email to discuss your CD fundraiser project.
------- Bryan Helsel