• The studio is run by a PowerMac G5 and Pro-Tools HD TDM 7.0
    recording at 96 khz and 24 bit.

  • There are 24 simultaneous inputs usable in four different rooms:  a
    main performance room that can house your entire band, a small
    overdubbing room for vocals or other instruments that need isolated,
    a control room, and a large game room that also contains 12 inputs
    for drum isolation or guitar amps.

  • A highlight of the studio is the 7'9" Petrof Concert Grand Piano.  It is in
    stunning condition, purchased in 2005, maintained and tuned often
    by Loren DiGiorgi.

  • We use the Hearback Technologies headphone system, which
    includes a separate headphone mixer for four separate performers.  
    With these mixers, you as the performer can decide the levels that
    you want to hear in your mix without affecting what your fellow
    performers are hearing or what is being recorded.  You have
    complete control over what you hear so that you can feel comfortable
    in the studio.  Your comfort is crucial to getting the best recording in
    the least amount of time.

  • We have enough microphones to suit any recording needs you might
    have, including high quality microphones by AKG, Audio Technica,
    Rode,  Shure, Sennheiser and Neumann.

  • The studio is soundproof and custom-built for acoustic neutrality.  We
    digitally create the acoustic environment for your tracks and the quiet
    studio does not interfere.

  • Roland XP-80  keyboard workstation

  • Roland Fantom G8 keyboard workstation

  • All necessary cables, preamps, mic stands, DI boxes, open and
    closed headphones, and whatever miscellaneous items you might
    need to have the best recording possible.

  • Roland VS-2480 portable 24 track workstation for recording 24/96 on

  • Korg MR-1000 for on-location stereo recording at 1 bit DSD super
    high quality.

  • Many superior processing tools including plug-ins by Waves that
    allow us to fix any wrong notes you might sing as well as superior
    noise-reduction tools for on-location recording in noisy environments

  • Studio monitors are the Mackie HR824 and 624 for the rear
    surround;  Bose surround sound speakers are in the performing

  • Mackie Big Knob allows for routing sounds throughout the studio.

  • A network of 5 computers working together to make your music come