Being a choral director by trade, Bryan writes music for choirs, and below
are some audio clips of some of his compositions that have been
recorded.  Keep in mind, some of the recordings were not done by Helsel
Music studios, and thus are not of optimum quality.

If you are a choral director and are interested in performing any of these
pieces, please contact Bryan at 724-360-5044.

Hark Now is a Christmas choral piece written especially for the select
mixed choir at Butler Senior High.  Despite the fact that it contains mixed
meter and splits into 8 parts at times, it has a repetitive ostinato and is fairly
easily for high school singers to learn.

Three Flower Songs is a collection of three pieces inspired by
the poetry of William Blake. Click on the links to hear each movement

O, Sick Rose

Ah, Sunflower

My Pretty Rose Tree

The Mourning After
is a piece that Bryan wrote on September
12, 2001 for his students to honor the courage those young people showed
on one of our nation's most tragic days.  Note the double meaning in the
mourning in that it was written literally the morning after the events
took place.  The lyrics are left vague enough that the piece can be
performed today on any concert, not just a 9/11 memorial concert, as it has
been used in the past.
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Bryan Helsel
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