Westmoreland County Choir Students,
Thank you for visiting this site, and good luck rehearsing.
Keep in mind that these files are only meant to aid in your individual practice,
and they do not replace the valuable time you spend with your director
preparing for the festival.  These files are not exactly musical.  You need a
conductor to make that happen, so use this site as a means of learning the
notes, and then continue to practice a capella, following all dynamic markings,
tempo changes, etc.  These files ignore most fermatas, and their tempos are
somewhere between the suggested performance tempo, and a slower practice

On each page, you will find both mp3 files and Scorch files. You can download
the mp3s and add them to your ipod or mp3 player, or burn to a CD.  Right click
and choose "Save Target As" when you want to download a file.  I kept them
pretty low quality for faster downloads.  When you click on the scorch files, you
will be sent to a page where you can view the music and even change the tempo
to suit your practice needs.  Slow it down if you like.  Speed it up if you want to
challenge yourself.  However, you will  need to download the Scorch plug-in to
make this work.  It's a quick, free download, so be sure to try that. It will be worth
it. Click on any of the scorch files and there will be instructions at the bottom as
to how to get the plug-in.  The scorch files also show a visual of the music.  
Please disregard the sheet music that shows up.  I made no attempt to have it
look nice, only to sound accurate, but you can use it as a guide to navigate back
and forth through the piece. You might have to click on a warning screen to
activate "Active X" controls.  It's okay.  Go ahead and do this.

Please email me immediately if you discover any mistakes in any of the files.  I
will correct the mistake and upload the corrected file as soon as possible.  Also,
feel free to email any other suggestions to improve your rehearsal site.  Good

Click on the title of the song that you wish to practice.

Come To Me, O My Love

Hold Fast to Dreams

Letter from a Girl to the World

Lord, Give Me Just a Little More Time

My Good Lord's Done Been Here

Tell My Father
Click here for a flash piano that you can use to
help you find your starting pitches... or maybe
you want to study music theory :)
If you do want to study music theory,
here is another great site!