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Helsel Music is pleased to have the opportunity to record PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators
Association) events such as District Chorus, Regional Band, along with orchestra and county or
district-wide performances.  At these events, students work for 2 1/2 days on music that is then
presented to the public.  If you neglected to buy one at the concert and wish to have that valuable
keepsake of your experience, follow the link to the left and purchase the CD.  If you were in the
audience and just want to share the spectacular concert with your friends and family, purchase
the CD.  Each selection was recorded with permission by the publisher.
Since 2003, Helsel Music has been recording most choral and orchestral performances on
campus along with faculty recitals and other special events.  Bryan is very pleased to be back at
his alma mater in this capacity.  If you are a Westminster student wishing to have one of your
performances as a valuable memoir of your college music days, click the link to the left.  
Helsel Music has been recording for Seraphim, the community choir of Youngstown, Ohio as
well as
ACTS (Adoring Christ Thru Song), a community choir and orchestra of Butler County, PA
and the Shenango Valley Chorale.   Follow this link, and you will have the opportunity to purchase
one of their CDs and any other miscellaneous performances that Helsel Music has produced
over the years.
In 1994 and 1995 respectively, Bryan Helsel wrote and performed every instrument on every track
of every song on the albums
Sittin' on a Fortune, and After. Follow this link to hear some
samples of this music and to purchase these archived original albums.
To request that any CDs become available on the web, please email bryan@helselmusic.com.
Helsel Music has recorded Thiel College's first Concert Band and Thiel Choir. Those recordings
can be purchased here.