PMEA Festival CDs
Other PMEA CDs
from 2006-2014
Beaver County Choir
October 21, 2014
New Brighton High School
Guest Conductor: Don Hixon
PMEA District 5 Honors Choir
November 1, 2014
Westminster College
Dr. Ryan Beeken, guest conductor
PMEA District 1 Honors Choir
October 25, 2014
Seton Hill College
Chris Kiver and Peggy Detweiler guest conductors
PMEA District 5 District Choir
January 23, 2015
Greenville High School
Dr. Chris Kiver, guest conductor
PMEA District 5 District  Band
January 10, 2015
Greenville High School
Dr. James Gourlay, guest conductor
PMEA District 5 JUNIOR HIGH District Choir
January 16, 2015
Western Beaver High School
Heather Vereb and Susan Metelsky, guest conductors
Don Hixon, host director
PMEA Region I Band
February 13, 2015
Hickory High School
PMEA District 2,3,5 District Orchestra
February 6, 2015
Hickory High School
PMEA Junior High District 5 Band
March 31, 2015
Butler Intermediate School
Guest Conductors: Stephen Barr and Bob Matchett
PMEA Junior High District 1 Choir East
May 22, 2015
Franklin Regional Senior High School
Guest Conductor: Thomas Octave
Host Conductor: Ethan LaPlaca
PMEA District 5 Honors Choir
Westminster College
October 31, 2015
Beaver County Band Festival
November 5, 2015
Beaver High School
PMEA District 5 Elementary Chorus Fest 2015-2016
November 20, 2015
Grove City College
Guest conductor: Angela Machi Evans
WACA Honors Band
January 13, 2016
Cornell High School
Guest conductor: Dr. Jason Worzbyt
PMEA District 5 Junior High Choir
January 22, 2016
Beaver High School
Guest conductors: Michael Rozell and Bryan Helsel
Host director: Susan Metelsky
PMEA District 5 Band
New Castle High School
January 31, 2016
Guest conductor: Dr. William Stowman
Host director: Nick Yoho and Kim Heim