PMEA Festival CDs
Other PMEA CDs
from 2006-2012
PMEA District 5 Honors Choir
Westminster College
Conductor: Dr. Judith Burns
Hosted by Dr. Robin Lind and Mr. Andrew Kovall
November 3, 2012
Beaver County Band
November 8, 2012
Western Beaver High School
Andrea Capehart, host
Conductors: Chris Masi, Dr. Brandt Payne
Mercer County Chorus
November 15, 2012
Lakeview High School
Kristen Patton, host
Conductors: Bryan Helsel, Erich Lassik
Beaver County Chorus
January 18, 2013
New Brighton High School
Mark Alexander, host
Don Hixon, guest conductor
District 5 Band
January 26, 2013
Butler Intermiate High School
hosts, Jeff Kroner and Nathan Daubenspeck
Vincent Danner, guest conductor
Jr. High District 5 Chorus
February 1, 2013
New Castle High School
Shannon Geary, host
Keith Roden and Ed Groves, guest conductors
PMEA District 5 Chorus
February 8, 2013
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School
Marissa Ulmer, host
Dr. Susan Medley, guest conductor
PMEA District 5 Elementary Choral Fest
March 8, 2013
Rochester High School

Lisa Jaworowski, guest conductor
PMEA Region I Band
March 9, 2013
Mercer Area High School
Travis Weller, host
PMEA District 5 Jr. High Band Festival
March 26, 2013
Beaver Area High School
Guest Conductors: James Berry, R. Tad Greig
Host directors: J. P. Scanga, Mark Rodgers
PMEA District 5 Honors Choir  Festival
November 2, 2013
Westminster College
Guest Conductor: Dr. Brady Alred
Host directors: A.J. Kovall, Robin Lind
PMEA District 5 Choir  Festival
January 10, 2014
Sharon High School
Guest Conductor: Linda Tedford
Host director: Frank McCauley
Beaver County Choir Festival
January 23, 2014
Beaver Falls Middle School
Guest Conductor: Dr. Curtis Lewis
Host directors: Yvonne Sterrett and Will Guess
PMEA Region I Choir Festival
February 14, 2014
Blackhawk High School
Guest Conductor: Dr. Curtis Lewis
Host directors: Yvonne Sterrett and Will Guess
Beaver County Choir
October 21, 2014
New Brighton High School
Guest Conductor: Don Hixon
PMEA District 5 Honors Choir
November 1, 2014
Westminster College