OMEA District 5 Choir singers,
Thank you for visiting this site, and good luck rehearsing. I very much look forward to conducting you
on October 26-27. Hopefully this site will help us to get prepared for some confident music-making
when we meet soon.
Keep in mind that these files are only meant to aid in your individual practice, but they do not replace
the valuable time you spend with your director preparing for the festival.  These files are not exactly
musical, so use this site as a means of learning the notes, and then continue to practice a capella,
following all dynamic markings, tempo changes, etc.  These files ignore most fermatas, and their
tempos are somewhere between the suggested performance tempo, and a slower practice tempo.

You can download the mp3s and add them to your ipod or mp3 player, burn to a CD or stream from
your mobile phone.  Right click and choose "Save Target As" when you want to download a file or
control click on a Mac.  I kept them pretty low quality for faster downloads.

Enjoy your practice. It's a huge part of the process. Good luck and have fun! See you October 26!
---- Bryan Helsel

Click on the title of the song that you wish to practice.

I Sing Because I'm Happy

Sing To Me

How Can I Keep from Singing

Be Like The Bird
Click here for a flash piano that you can use to
help you find your starting pitches... or maybe
you want to study music theory :)
If you do want to study music theory,
here is another great site!